Lake Forest Park


Lake Forest Park constitutes three square miles at the north end of Lake Washington. To the south, Lake Forest Park begins at the city limit of Seattle. To the north, Lake Forest Park ends at the Snohomish County line.

The City’s population grew 210% in the 1990’s, largely as a result of annexations. With a current population of 13,142, Lake Forest Park is a city of volunteers that led by a mayor, city council and administrator. Community members serve on boards and commissions that oversee everything from city planning and environmental quality to public safety and human services.

Lake Forest Park has a multitude of parks, playgrounds, wetlands and streams. There are two beach clubs on Lake Washington as well as the popular Burke Gilman Trail. The shopping mall features a unique community center, an indoor

park and an open space where people meet friends, hang out, work, eat, drink coffee and hold meetings.

With quality education, business opportunities and great neighborhoods, Lake Forest Park is the place to call home.

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For more information on the city of Lake Forest Park
City Hall: 17425 Ballinger Way NE, Lake Forest Park WA  |  206-368-5440


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